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Grand Canyon University (GCU) was founded by the Southern Baptist Church in 1949. In 2004, the GCU started its operations effectively by the support of working professionals, particularly in the areas of nursing and education. At first it is started as Grand Canyon College then it was transformed into University because of its identity and recognition. Today GCU Student Portal has developed a very good reputation by maintaining effective standards. The most effective servant leaders in the workforce GCU offering bachelor’s, masters and doctoral degrees in diverse fields such as business administration and business management. It also provides programs in childhood education, nursing and engineering.

The continuous investment in full-time faculty, improved technology infrastructure, new facilities and program expansion expand the university in all aspects. The GCU has high-growth and high-demand in areas such as engineering, computer science and IT. In 2018, the university transitioned back to the non-profit institution that provides equal opportunities to faculty as well as students. They have given opportunities in participating academic and co-curricular programs in the institute. GCU.EDU operates philanthropic foundation. GCU Student Portal also provides grant writing and research opportunities for faculty and students.


GCU Student Portal :

It invests to build good educational infrastructure to the faculty and students. GCU.EDU offers tuition at levels that makes private higher education is affordable to all Americans against socio-economic class. GCU Student Portal provides employability as well as career growth opportunities for staff and faculty. GCU.EDU continues its investments in communities those are under university serves. GCU Student Portal gives opportunities to the student athletics to participate in governance opportunities afforded by the NCAA.

The main aim of GCU.EDU is to meet the needs of students and to provide world-class learning experiences to the students. GCU infrastructure includes GCU stadiums, recreation and fitness centers, contemporary resident halls and resort style swimming pools. The infrastructure includes two new engineering classroom buildings dedicated to cutting-edge STEM learning. GCU Student Portal provides preference to the athletics by providing club sport teams and intramural sports teams. Besides these GCU includes Academic, professional, social and recreational clubs. There also include academic and student support resources such as The Learning Lounge, Career IMPACT Centre and student services counselors.

GCU Student Portal Login :

  • Visit portaldocs.gcu.edu for student login.
  • Enter username and password.
  • The user credentials are those which are provided by GCU to the students.
  • Proceed to login for accessing dashboard.


Features of Grand Canyon University :

Grand Canyon Education, Inc. is the partner of Grand Canyon University to support the university’s students, faculty and staff. This partnership helps to increase efficiency by utilizing resources in a strategic way. This leads to improve teaching and assessment of student learning. This will also helps to improve overall student experience. GCU.EDU offers more than 200 academic programs across nine colleges and also provides next-generation online learning platforms. GCU collaborates with industry leaders to develop programs in high demand fields such as STEM, business, healthcare and education. GCU.EDU offers not only education to the students but also grow worship services spiritually and take part in local and global outreach opportunities.

GCU also helps students to adopt principles of morality, compassion and generosity. GCU.EDU believe that Academic integrity is the heart of their values. GCU helps students to develop practices that support and embrace integrity as a personal as well as lifelong commitment. GCU.EDU strongly committed to guide students to become socially responsible, compassionate servant leaders by making impact on local, national and purdue global login communities. The GCU also offers both financial support as well as volunteer hours at non-profit agencies in their community such as The Phoenix Dream Center, Hopefest, American Cancer Society and Phoenix Rescue Mission.


GCU Student Portal is partnered with Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit Christian housing ministry. It helps to build and repairs houses all over the world for underprivileged people. Here repairs include landscaping, roof replacement, painting and structural repairs. GCU always open its gates to serve for the ministry. GCU.EDU supports Phoenix Dream Center and it helps homeless, low-income, at-risk youth and struggling individuals and families by providing resources.

In addition to the above GCU organize annual signature events such as Serve the city days, Salute our Troops, Canyon Cares Christmas and the Run to fight Children’s cancer. GCU Student Portal also has events to improve k-12 education as well as partnership with Habitat for Humanity helps to improve the lives in their neighborhood. GCU.EDU Learning Lounge helps to provide resources to college and secondary school students. It offers free small-group or one-to-one tutoring for toughest subjects of the students. This kind of methodology can improve student knowledge and clear all the doubts in their mind.

GCU Student Portal offers four-credit courses and fast track options so that one can utilize this to graduate faster and allows to entering into workforce with less debt. GCU’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness offers programs which enrich student academic experience. GCU.EDU offers generous scholarship opportunities to campus students. These scholarships are given for both freshmen and transfer students. As WGU Student Portal, there is a program named Discover GCU which enables student to visit campus and experience REAL College during free, two-day, overnight campus visit. GCU provides campus degree programs in various streams such as business, education, fine arts, humanities, nursing, theology and Stem. Each and every stream contains individual courses which helps students to pursue their own interest.

Accessing GCU.EDU Student Portal :

In Business GCU provide bachelor degree courses such as Applied Business Analytics, Business Information Systems, Business Management, Hospitality Management and Sports Management. In education it offers courses such as Early Childhood Education, Educational Studies, Elementary Education and Elementary and special education.

While coming to the fine arts GCU offers courses such as Advertising and Graphic Design, Arts in dance, Digital film with an Emphasis in Production, Music with an Emphasis in Voice Performance, Theatre and Drama and Theatre Education-Initial Teacher Licensure. In Humanities the courses offered are Communications, English with an Emphasis in Professional Writing, History, Psychology and Sociology with an Emphasis in Social Work.

GCU provides courses in nursing such as Athletic Training, Health Care Administration and Nursing Pre-Licensure. GCU provides courses in Stem such as Biomedical Engineering, Computer Programming, Electrical Engineering Technology, Information technology with the Emphasis in Cybersecurity and Mechanical Engineering. In Theology GCU provides courses such as Christian studies, Christian studies with an Emphasis in Global Ministry, Christian studies with an Emphasis in Worship Leadership, Worship Arts with the Emphasis in Media and Production Ministry and Worship Arts with an Emphasis in Worship Ministry. Hence GCU besides providing best education facilities it also serving to many people by getting partnered to many ministries.